Local Author Releases 14th Book

Alexandria LaFaye

Alexandria LaFaye of Greenville has released her 14th published book and second children’s picture book.

She told us “No Frogs In School” is a quirky story about a boy who loves his pets so much he can’t go to school without them. They include a frog, salamander, hamster, and snake. His teacher makes more and more rules to deal with the pets, resulting in a twist ending.

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LaFaye will be busy the next few weeks promoting the book. She participated in a book launch and “back to school bash” event Saturday at Arts & Experience on the square. In September, LaFaye will be at the Humane Society’s “Paws In the Park” event. A portion of the proceeds from book sales will benefit the Humane Society. Also in September, LaFaye will participate in the St. Louis Book Festival. The book was also selected as part of Barnes & Noble’s nationwide “back to school” publicity.

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LaFaye is professor of children’s literature and creative writing at Greenville University. She will have another book out in January and has a deal to do one in 2020.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of Greenville University
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