Flags To Be Provided For Scooters & Wheelchairs


With safety in mind, the Greenville City Council talked Tuesday night about flags on electric motorized scooters and wheelchairs used in the community.

Mayor Alan Gaffner brought up the topic after being contacted by a few citizens concerned about being able to see those using the scooters or wheelchairs.

The council was asked if it wanted to require flags on these units.

City Manager Dave Willey recommended passing a resolution of encouragement to have flags on scooters and wheelchairs. He said the city could have them available and help residents install the flag when they come in. He suggested the city not penalize anyone who didn’t have a flag.

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It was the consensus of the council that the city provide flags and install them, at no cost to the residents. The flag units are about $30 apiece. No resolution was adopted by the council.

The city will announce when the flags are available.

Chief of Police Johnny Runyon said those in scooters or wheelchairs are legally viewed as pedestrians. If on streets, they must travel toward traffic.

Like other pedestrians, they should use sidewalks when available.

Councilmen agreed if a problem exists in the future, the topic can once again be addressed.

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