GU Partners With BCHD For Well Water Testing

The Greenville University Science Division is teaming up with the Bond County Health Department to continue its well water testing program.

The program tests water samples for the presence of specific metals, microbes and other drinking water contaminants, thus providing well users important information about the quality of their water.

Hannah Frerker, student researcher, said the program has been very successful in its two years. They have tested over 100 wells and have received very good feedback. The tests cost $20, which is much less than similar testing options.

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A meeting, for Bond County well owners to learn about the program, is scheduled for October 1, from 5:30 to 6:30 PM, according to Frerker. They will explain the importance of water quality in that meeting and will hand out testing kits and go over instructions for obtaining a sample.

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For questions, contact Professor Darrell Iler at 664-6540 or by email at

Frerker said the university’s science division future plans to work with area county health departments to offer well water testing.

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