Police Secretary Retires After 44 Years

After serving 44 years as the secretary at the Greenville Police Department, Kim Langel has retired.

A special reception was held last Friday at the municipal building. Attending were family members, co-workers and friends. Gifts were presented to Langel then a cake was cut and served.

City Manager Dave Willey and Chief of Police Johnny Runyon commended Langel for her many years of service to the city. Willey said Kim, “has been a steady force in the police department.” Runyon said he was sad to see her go, but was also glad to see her go as she transitions to a new phase in her life.

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Langel then spoke to those gathered, noting that her coworkers had become family.

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Langel said she remembers High School Counselor Kelly Ireland getting her out of PE and asking her if she would be interested in a job at the police department. That led to her being hired as secretary.

Among those attending the reception were three of the police chiefs Kim worked with . . . John King, Lou Lorton and Johnny Runyon.

L to R: Johnny Runyon, Kim Langel, John King, Lou Lorton
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