Pre-Treatment Facility Permit Approved


The Massa Milling Inc. plant, at one time known as Molinero, is another step closer to reality in Greenville.

Monday night, the Greenville Plan Commission approved a conditional use permit which will allow the company to construct a wastewater pre-treatment facility at its site in the Wolfe industrial Park.

The plant will make white corn flour that will be shipped to another company facility for the manufacture of tortillas and tortilla chips.

Joe Craver, city building inspector and code enforcement officer, told commission members the facility will be used to treat wastewater that comes out of the factory before it goes into the city’s public sewer system.

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City Manager Dave Willey reminded everyone that getting to this point in the project has taken a long time. The factory has sat idle since being built 10 years ago. He said it was a $10 million investment at the time. Molinero has had many delays along the way in the project, but taxes are paid and the facility is properly maintained.

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The plan commission placed conditions on the permit including Massa Milling must adhere to its site plan and foul odors, if any, must be confined to its property. If an odor extends to other property, the city will immediately withdraw the conditional use permit.

Craver said the plans for the facility meet all requirements in the city code.

Willey said the estimated cost for the wastewater pre-treatment facility is $3 million. He added the company is ready to begin the project.

Massa Milling has applied for permits from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

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