Sheriff Warns Of Scams In The Area

Bond County Sheriff Jim Leitschuh is reporting his department has received numerous calls this week regarding attempted telephone scams.

Leitschuh said one caller said the intended scam victim’s child had been involved in a car accident. One was a phone threat from the IRS, saying the call recipient would be arrested if they didn’t settle their tax debt immediately. Another scammer purported to represent Microsoft, alerting you that your computer has been infected with a virus. A fourth scam came from someone who claimed to represent Ameren

In each case, the caller demanded some type of financial payment and/or personal information.

Sheriff Leitschuh reminds you to never give information to anyone that you, yourself, did not call or ask to conduct business with. Reputable companies will NEVER ask for your personal information over the phone.

Sadly, most of these scammers prey on the elderly. If you have elderly parents or neighbors, let them know they should never to give anyone information over the phone.

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