Thrift Shop Donates to AMVETS During Changeover

The change-over of merchandise at the HSHS Holy Family Auxiliary Thrift Shop occurred over the weekend

When the thrift shop closed Saturday at noon, items remaining were donated to the Illinois AMVETS organization.

State AMVETS representatives Robert Stuebinger and Steven Holt brought moving trucks to Greenville to load up the clothing, furniture and other goods.

The items were taken to an AMVETS shop in Chicago. Stuebinger said sales up there help veterans.

Click below to hear his comments:

Auxiliary and Bond County AMVETS Post members helped load the trucks.

Lida Vieregge, from the Thrift Shop, said the Auxiliary is pleased the items are going to another non-profit organization and it helps to get all of the old merchandise out of the shop to make the change-over.

The Thrift Shop reopened with new items on Monday.

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