Unit Two Budget Passed

After conducting the required public hearing, the Bond County Unit 2 school board approved a budget for the current 2019 fiscal year.

The budget is unbalanced. Superintendent Wes Olson said a surplus of around $59,000 was expected as recently as early August. Between then and now additional expenditures and revenue changes have come up. The deficit is approximately $189,000.

Click below to hear his comments:

Superintendent Olson said there have been increased costs in assessments from the special education cooperative and Okaw Vocational center in addition to increases in salaries and benefits. The board also just recently had to buy a 27-passenger school bus for $47,868.

He noted the district is still in a better position now than in recent years when it had much larger budget deficits. The state evidence-based funding program has been a key to improving district finances.

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