City Work Near Bicentennial Park

Plans continue to develop Bicentennial Park at the intersection of Third and Winter Streets in Greenville.

Recently, the Bond County Historical Society was given the DeMoulin House, south of the proposed park, and it plans to move its museum into the house.

The Kingsbury Park District is putting in the park, and previously arranged with the City of Greenville to flatten the ditch on the Winter Street side of the park after installing a culvert.

At Tuesday night’s Greenville City Council meeting, City Manager Dave Willey suggested additional work to improve access to the park and museum.

He proposed adding culverts to the two ditches in the area and extending curbs to the sidewalks with pavement in between. This would allow for parallel parking on both sides of the street in the area.

Click below to hear his comments:

The city would pay for the south ditch work, curb and guttering and asphalting the half block of street.

Discussions are underway whether or not the city and park district might share the cost for a fence around the park.

Culvert installation and the flattening of the north ditch was completed Wednesday.

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