Greenville U Presents Alumni Awards

As part of Greenville University’s recent homecoming activities, annual Alumni Awards were presented.

Ella and Galen Peters from Greenville were given the Dr, Gene Kamp Loyalty Award. Galen taught math at the university from 1971 to 2003 and Ella served as the school’s gardener for two decades.

Dr. David Crandall, from the Class of 1961, received the Distinguished Alumnus Award, Yvi Martin, Class of 2001, was honored with the Outstanding Young Alumnus Award, and Lesley Burbridge, Class of 1989, received the Bob Briner Salt and Light Award.

Greenville University President Ivan Filby said the program is a special way to recognize alumni who exemplify what GU hopes graduates will be in years to come.

Click below to hear his comments:

Yvi Martin, a pastor at a church in St. Louis and adjunct instructor at Greenville University, was unable to attend as she was in Puerto Rico. Her award was accepted by her sons Zeke and Laz.

Crandall was in the Viet Nam War and served 25 years in the military. He also did missionary work in Africa.

Burbridge is senior vice president of Rogers & Cowan in Los Angeles, one of the largest entertainment public relations firms in the world.

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