Lengthy City Council Discussion On Idler Lane Project


A lengthy discussion was held by the Greenville City Council Tuesday night about additional expenses to continue the south Idler Lane construction project.

Deficient subgrade was discovered when the existing pavement was removed, resulting in another $86,392 needed to fix the problem.

Kent Schwierjohn, from HMG Engineering, told the council, once the top surface was removed, they discovered there was about a 12 inch layer of a sandy/gravel mixture. Under that he said was a layer that could only be described as “peanut butter” for a few feet. He said the only remedy for that is to remove the substance, put down a fabric to keep the dirt and rock from mixing, and put down clean rock.

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City Manager Dave Willey said the remediation is necessary for a good street.

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Mayor Alan Gaffner said that end of the street has cattails on both sides and someone should have known it is a wet area. He thought additional borings before the work began could have unearthed the problem, allowing the city to wait and develop a more realistic budget for the project.

Gaffner wants the city to talk to the engineering firm about sharing the cost overrun. He said he would have hoped the city would have a better opportunity to plan and budget for the work.

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In the end, the council voted to follow Willey’s recommendation to pay the $86,392 from the Rt. 127.I-70 TIF Fund. The vote was 5 to 0.

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