Plan Commission Approves Tower On FS Property

The Greenville Plan Commission has approved the erection of a 120-foot communications tower on the South Central FS property along East Route 40.

South Central FS has requested a conditional use permit for the tower, since it would on the company’s property. FS receives Internet service through Rural Comm, which will provide the equipment.

Joe Craver, city building inspector and code enforcement officer, briefed commission members on the request. He said FS needs the tower for better communication with their elevator facility.

Click below to hear his comments:

Stipulations, pending the granting of the permit, include following city regulations and submitting engineering plans and specifications for the tower. In addition, the owner must agree to develop a plan or lease terms for future placement of additional third-party communication or other similar equipment on the tower, should a verified need arise.

The plan commission is also asking that the equipment on the water tower be removed if it is not needed.

The commission’s recommendation to allow the permit will go to the city council.

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