Red Ribbon Week In Unit 2 Schools

Red Ribbon Week was observed last week at Greenville High School.

This week, activities are being held at the Pocahontas, Sorento and Greenville Elementary schools.

Red Ribbon Week is held annually as an alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and violence prevention awareness campaign.

The emphasis is on living a drug-free life.

All three Unit 2 schools had special programs Monday to kick off the week.

At Sorento School, representatives of the sheriff’s department and the K-9 dog presented a program.

At Pocahontas, the mother of a son, who is currently in drug rehab, spoke to 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

At a GES assembly, officers from the police and sheriff’s departments addressed the boys and girls. The county’s drug dog was also there.

Each school is having special dress-up days throughout the week, and the daily announcements include messages about being drug and alcohol free.

A Red Ribbon parade will be held at GES Friday morning.

Wednesday afternoon at Pocahontas, three high school students will speak at an all-school assembly.

At Sorento on Wednesday, representatives from the health department will address the junior-high level students. There will also be a school Halloween parade that day.

SOURCEGraphics courtesy of the National Family Partnership
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