Unit 2 Strategy Meeting

A special Bond County Unit 2 board meeting Tuesday night focused on strategic planning, after several public sessions were held in the last two months to seek input.

Approximately 25 persons were in attendance, eventually breaking down into groups for discussions.

Superintendent Wes Olson said officials have been talking with community members as well as staff and students to identify what is going well and what they need to work on for the future. The purpose of the meeting Tuesday was to identify the main areas of focus.

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Among the main topics were buildings and the dissatisfaction with the pods at the Greenville Elementary School, Pocahontas and Sorento centers, security at schools, providing career information to students, focusing on modern classrooms, and addressing the student to teacher ratio.

Olson said information from Tuesday’s meeting will be “polished a little bit” and given back to the board for administrative decisions.

Olson said 1,200 people provided input, either in person or online.

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The superintendent expressed his appreciation of the district facilitation group, which conducted the public meetings and attended Tuesday’s session.

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