Unit Two Safety Drill

There was no school for Bond Unit 2 students last Friday, but district staff members met at the high school for a day of training with student safety in mind.

Unit 2 Superintendent Wes Olson said there were two training sessions that day. A morning session was held with a group of law enforcement consultants who offered a presentation on school violence. The afternoon was spent in an active shooter drill. All teachers worked with local first responders.

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The superintendent said each attendance center in Unit 2 has a plan for how to act in a school violence situation. He added that teachers and other staff members desired additional training. He explained that by statute an active shooter drill is held with students. When students are present, however, they don’t make the drill very realistic for the emotional wellbeing of students.

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Providing a safe school environment is always the goal, according to Olson.

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Superintendent Olson expressed his appreciation to the emergency service agencies which worked with the district to provide the training.

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