BCHD Celebrating World Kindness Day

Bond County Home Health and Hospice along with the rest of Bond County Health Department (BCHD) would like to remind everyone in Bond and surrounding counties to celebrate World Kindness Day on Tuesday, November 13, 2018. World Kindness Day is a global movement that unites people to Stand up for Kindness for one day, and then perhaps one day more. This one day is set aside to focus on extending warm-hearted acts towards others – without expectation of anything in return.

BCHD encourages everyone to use some of the following ideas to help Stand for Kindness on World Kindness Day (and every day):

Make lives easier for others with simple deeds – in the hectic pace of the busy working day, there are times when the smallest things can put us over the edge. On this World Kindness Day, focus on doing small things that help avoid frustration for those around you: wave your hand in front of the automatic towel dispenser in the restroom to save the next person that step; make a new pot of coffee even if you didn’t drink the last cup; park near the back of the lot to leave places in front for those who aren’t as able; a zillion more – look for the chances!

Praise a friend or colleague online – social media gives us a great chance to showcase our own work and adventures. How about offering a shout out to a colleague or friend on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn? Encouraging words go a long way to elevating happiness.

Visit an animal shelter – so many little souls needing love… take a toy, a blanket, or food. Check out your local shelter and see what they need. Have a little time? Go for a visit and give those homeless animals some love. Even if you can’t take one home, you can show them you care with a cuddle.

Call someone you haven’t spoken with in a long time – in these days of social media, you can spend an entire day “talking” with people without ever opening your mouth! How about giving a colleague, a family member, or an old friend a call for a chat? You’ll both leave the conversation happier.

Tell your mom and dad that you are happy – turns out most moms and dads around the world pray every single day for their children to be healthy and happy. If you are happy, let them know; it will make them deliriously happy too!

Be kind to yourself.

Watch your single act of kindness generate more kindness as it travels the world. Boost your single act of kindness with a viral push, by sharing it online.

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