Card Skimming Device Found In Pocahontas

The Bond County Sheriff’s Department has announced that an illegal card skimming device has been discovered installed on a gas pump at Funderburk’s on Johnson Street in Pocahontas.

Skimming devices are designed to steal credit and debit card information from customers who insert their card into the gas pump. The Sheriff’s Department reported this was an elaborate fraud as the device was actually installed inside the gas pump, which makes it much harder to detect.

The Bond County Sheriff’s Department urges anyone who may have purchased gas in Pocahontas within the last month to check their bank statements for any suspicious activity or transactions and to report them immediately to their financial institution and to file a police report. The holiday season is traditionally a time of year when higher levels of fraud occur.

To avoid fraud at the gas pump, law enforcement officials have the follow suggestions:

Pay inside with cash or card, rather than at the pump.

Choose pumps closest to the building.

Look closely at the pump for any unusual devices or wriggle the card reader.

Look for the pump security tape over the lock. If it is torn or missing, use a different pump.

Consider paying with your digital wallet connected to your smart phone.

Frequently check your bank or credit card statements.

For more, contact the Bond County Sheriff’s Department. 618-664-2151

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