Clinton County Employees Vote To Strike

Several Clinton County employee groups have voted to allow their bargaining unit to authorize a strike, which could begin in a matter of days.

The vote, held last week was 27-3 in favor of striking. The strike could start Monday.

David Amerson, staff attorney for the Policemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association Labor Committee, told WGEL his group has been bargaining with the County Board since March. He alleges the strike vote is, “…a result of a breakdown in negotiations where the County Board has targeted, intimidated and terminated county employees for their union participation; refused to bargain in good faith; and instead have chosen to waste the taxpayer’s money on costly lawsuits and out of county lawyers rather than providing a fair contract to their public servants.”

Amerson said the county board wants to, “impose working conditions that are punitive in nature, even though they can’t point to a reason why; and even though most of the language they are seeking does not exist for any other county employee in the Highway Department, Probation, Sheriff’s Office etc.”

The employees voting for the strike are also asking for a raise of approximately $.70-$.80 cents an hour, and more vacation time for younger workers.

Amerson told us a new worker in one of the Clinton County locals currently gets 5 days of vacation per year and no maternity leave.

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