State’s Attorney Simple Room Donation

The new Simple Room building

A new building has been constructed for The Simple Room in Greenville and is being finished up.

One of the contributors to the project is the Bond County state’s attorney’s office and State’s Attorney Chris Bauer has provided the first of two donations.

The money comes from the Drug Seizure and Anti-Crime funds which were boosted when a county deputy made a traffic stop in 2005 on Interstate 70 which led to an international drug trafficking operation being exposed.

Bauer is pleased to use some of the money to assist the Simple Room project. He said his office has been involved with the Simple Room since before his tenure. Once the funds were seized in 2005, Bauer began to think about how the money could be used to impact the community.

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Federal law restricts the county in donating the seizure funds to $25,000 per year, so the Simple Room money will be received in two installments. Bauer said he pledged $35,000 to the Simple Room project. He said the contribution will have an impact in the community for years.

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It is hoped programs can be offered at the new Simple Room building in early 2019.

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