Thanksgiving Fire Safety

If you have been selected to make that Thanksgiving dinner, firefighters throughout the area ask that you be safe while preparing the food.

Greenville Fire Protection District Fire Chief Dennis Wise said the kitchen is usually a nice, cozy place, but if you’re not careful, problems can occur. He said the main thing is to stay in the kitchen and focus on what you’re doing.

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For many, fryers are used to cook the turkey. Chief Wise addressed safety when cooking with a fryer. He said fryers must be used out in the open in a yard and not on a deck. Wear gloves and other protective clothing, especially when putting the turkey in. Follow instructions that come with your fryer. He said turkeys must be completely thawed before frying them. He said if there is a fire, the type of oil used in a turkey fryer is very difficult to put out once ignited.

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Wise said if a fire erupts, call the fire department. He added it’s easier for firemen to turn around if they are not needed, than to arrive too late to save a life or property.

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