Winter Weather Safety Kits Important For Car & Home

November is Winter Weather Preparedness Month and the current (recent) round of snow is a good reminder to be ready for whatever Mother Nature may throw our way.

Sally Johnson, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in St. Louis provided WGEL with weather updates Thursday in anticipation of the pending weather, and she stressed that travel is discouraged during extreme conditions, but if you must hit the road in winter weather, you need to be ready.

She suggests keeping a kit with you that includes bottled water, a blanket, a shovel, salt, and a flashlight.

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The Illinois Emergency Management Agency also recommends putting extra batteries for your flashlight, a first aid kit, nonperishable snacks, kitty litter for traction, booster cables, and a cell phone charger in your car kit.

IEMA spokesperson Rebecca Clark says once your car safety kit is all set, next up is your home. That kit should contain three days of water per person, medicine for anyone who needs it, blankets, and non-perishable food.

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A battery operated radio is also a good idea, so you can tune in to WGEL to keep up with the latest warnings and watches from the National Weather Service.

Clark reminds that power outages can last several days and notes there have been 600 cold weather-related deaths in Illinois over the last decade.

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