Council Talks Tourism Director, Water Deposit Fee

At the recent regular meeting of the Greenville City Council, the open tourism director’s position was brought up.

The city recently ended its arrangement with the Chamber of Commerce to share directors.

City Manager Dave Willey reported he has interviewed four persons for the position, but has not made a decision.

A question was raised if it is a full-time or part-time job.

Mayor Alan Gaffner lobbied for full-time. He urged the council to do whatever they can to move the position to full time. Gaffner said if the Chamber really thought the shared position spent more time on tourism than chamber business, the city would be getting less tourism coverage than before if the position is part time.

Click below to hear his comments:

The city manager questioned where the money would come from for a full-time tourism director.

The tourism fund consists of the tourism tax collected by motels in the city.

In another matter, the council tabled action on a request to consider increasing the water deposit fee for rental properties. Two representatives from the 2 Creeks development in Greenville made the request, indicating the $100 deposit fee is not enough, in many cases, to pay the final bill when the renter leaves.

Councilman John Gillard made a motion to make no change in the deposit, which was Willey’s recommendation. That motion died from lack of a second.

Since neither of the 2 Creeks reps could attend the meeting, other members of the council felt a decision should be made when they are there. The topic will be on the January agenda.

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