New Business In Wolf Industrial Park

At its meeting Tuesday night, the Greenville City Council approved a development agreement for a new business in the Howard Wolf Industrial Park.

American Oil Mills will be purchasing the current Fast-Rite International building, as Fast-Rite will be closing here. Greenville City Manager Dave Willey told the council American Oil Mills will establish a soybean crushing facility to manufacture soybean oil.

He explained the operation to the council, noting the facility will crush roughly 200 metric tons of soybeans. That amount comes out to 10-11 semi-loads of soybeans. Soybean oil will be sold and the byproduct will be sold as animal feed. American Oil Mills has an option to purchase the Fast-Rite building and will do some renovation to the facility and grounds.

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The city manager advised American Oil Mills will be buying land from the city in the industrial park and will have a TIF agreement.

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American Oil Mills will be making an 8-to-10 million dollar investment and will have about 8 employees at the Greenville facility.

Fast-Rite opened its Greenville facility in February of 2015. Willey said it currently has one employee in Greenville.

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