New IL Car Seat Law January 1


Illinois State Police (ISP) announces changes to the Child Passenger Protection Act, which will become effective January 1, 2019.

Effective January 1, 2019, all motorists traveling on Illinois roadways will be required to secure children under the age of 2 years old in a rear facing child restraint system. We are hopeful the change in law will reduce infant injuries and fatalities if they are involved in a traffic crash.

HB4377 provides the following:

Provides that when any person is transporting a child in this state who is under the age of 2 years old in a motor vehicle of the first division or motor vehicle of the second division weighing 9,000 pounds or less, he/she shall be responsible for properly securing the child in a rear-facing child restraint system, unless the child weighs more than 40 pounds, is taller than 40 inches, or is traveling in vehicles weighing over 9,000 pounds.

Parent or guardian must provide child restraints.

Children under the age of 8 must be secured in an appropriate child restraint system.

Every person transporting a child under the age of 8 is responsible for properly securing the child in the vehicle.

“This legislation will assist in saving the lives of young children who depend on parents and guardians every day to protect them during travel,” stated ISP Director Leo P. Schmitz. “It is of the utmost importance to make sure children and adults are buckled properly at all times when traveling on Illinois roadways,” added Director Schmitz.

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