Staff Promotions At Bradford National Bank

New staff promotions at Bradford National Bank (L to R): Michelle Brown, Vice President; Jeff Hasenmyer, Assistant Vice President; Kelsey Kendall, Assistant Vice President.

Bradford National Bank President and CEO Doug Stroud has announced several staff promotions effective January 1, 2019.

Michelle Brown, who serves as a credit analyst and as Secretary for the Bradford National Bank Board of Directors, has been promoted to Vice President.

Jeff Hasenmyer, who works with new accounts and manages the teller line, was promoted to Assistant Vice President and Head Cashier, where he will manage the day to day operations on the deposit side of the bank.

Kelsey Kendall was also promoted to Assistant Vice President. She works extensively in compliance, accounts payable, teller scheduling, and consumer alerts.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Mike Ennen was selected as the 10th President of Bradford National Bank.

Stroud, who will continue his role as CEO in the coming year, said, “We are very excited to promote these individuals to our bank management team. Their proven skills and leadership will be valuable in guiding the bank over the next several years.”

At the bank’s recent Business After Hours sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, Ennen said he “was honored to be selected as the next President of Bradford National Bank with its wonderful history of community service.” Of the recent staff promotion, Ennen said, “Michelle, Jeff, and Kelsey are great assets to our bank as well as our community and I’m looking forward to working with them for years to come.”

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of Bradford National Bank
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