Staffing The Main Topic At FCI Community Meeting

At the recent Community Relations Board meeting at the Greenville Federal Prison, staffing was a major topic.

Warden Tom Werlich and Union Representative Brian Mueller reported that the prison is slowly receiving permission to hire additional employees.

They reported one correctional officer and a nursing position were recently approved and people are being sought to fill them. There is also an opening for an associate warden’s secretary.

Warden Werlich said two officers were recently hired at the prison and 8 more are pending security clearance. He reported usually about 50 percent of the applicants make it through the process.

The warden stated even if all 8 were hired, he still believes he needs another dozen officers in the next 4 to 6 months.

Werlich and Mueller urges local men and women, who would like to start a career in law enforcement, to contact the Greenville prison. To emphasize the need for more officers, the warden said those in correctional services have been working a lot of mandated overtime.

According to Warden Werlich, the UNICOR factory in Greenville FCI, part of the Federal Prison Industries Program, has received a five-year contract to make military coats.

Also at the Community Relations Board meeting, Keith Williams and Dr. Patrick Sears from the Greenville facility told the story of staff members being deployed to recent areas of the United States struck by hurricanes Irma and Florence.

Most of them provided security in the damaged areas while Dr. Sears aided hurricane victims.

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