Unit Two Board Adopts New Tax Levy

The Bond County Unit 2 school board adopted a new levy Monday night, for property taxes to be paid in 2019.

The levy is 6.98 percent higher than last year.

The total levy request is $8,953,409, which includes debt service and lease taxes.

The levy was approved by a 6 to 0 vote of the board, after a truth in taxation hearing was held.

Superintendent Wes Olson said the district rarely receives the amount requested in the levy, stating the figure is set high because the district is forced to set the levy before anyone knows anything about the upcoming budget.

Olson said officials don’t know what their expenditures, needs, or the EAV will be for fiscal year 2020. They are asking for more than 105% of what they received last year – not what they asked for last year.

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By law, the levy must be filed with the county clerk no later than the last Tuesday of December.

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