231 FCI Staff Members Impacted By Government Shutdown

The federal government shutdown is in its third week and federal workers missed their first paycheck Friday. That includes 231 federal law enforcement officers at the Greenville Federal Correctional Institution.

WGEL spoke with FCI Correctional Officer Dave Clark and Recreation Specialist Brian Mueller about the shutdown. Clark is also Chief Steward of AFGE Local 1304, the union that represents FCI employees and Mueller is AFGE Local 1304 president.

Mueller said the shutdown has caused staff members to miss their first paycheck. He said while many are able to plan ahead to lessen the impact of a situation like this, many staff members are new – some fresh out of the military – and haven’t been able to establish themselves yet. He also noted some staff were single parents and some couples both work at the FCI.

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Clark said there is also an impact on the community, noting if FCI staff don’t have money in their bank account, they can’t spend it in local businesses.

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While safety is always a top concern for FCI employees, Clark said it can be an even bigger issue during the shutdown. Many employees are required to do extra shifts, which can bring on fatigue. He said when you’re in charge of up to 150 inmates, you don’t want your senses to be dull. He also noted when they’re short-staffed, it could take longer for help to arrive in an emergency situation.

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Mueller said local residents can contact their elected officials to express their concern over the government shutdown.

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We talked much more in depth with Clark and Mueller and you can hear the full conversation below:

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