Bitterly Cold Temps Wednesday To Give Way To Warm Weekend

An estimated 75% of the United States was dealing with extreme temperatures Wednesday. The US Postal Service even halted activity in numerous states.

Patrick Walsh, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service provided WGEL a summary of Wednesday’s weather, noting the temperatures were especially low, but were not anything we haven’t seen before. Wind chills around the St. Louis Metro Area dipped as low as 25 to 30 degrees below zero. Strong wind was another factor causing extra issues Wednesday.

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If the forecast proves true for the next several days, temperatures could approach 60 degrees by early next week. Is it normal for temperatures to range from 15 below zero to a high of 60 in just a few days? Walsh said it is fairly common, noting 60 degree days are not unheard of in the winter, since temperatures swing more in the winter than in warmers months.

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Meteorologist Patrick Walsh will be our guest on Public Affairs this Sunday to talk more about dealing with cold weather.

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