City Council Vehicles & Equipment Purchases

During its January meeting, the Greenville City Council approved expenditures pertaining to vehicles and equipment.

Two new trucks were purchased, one to be used by the water meter technician and the other for utility location.

The cost for each truck is $23,760 through the state bid program.

City Manager Dave Willey said both trucks are needed as the old ones are deteriorated and have mechanical issues. The trucks are used every day by personnel doing the water meter and utility location work.

The old trucks will eventually be declared surplus property and will be sold on EBay.

Repairs were approved for one of the city’s leaf vacuum units. A vacuum fan will be replaced at a cost of $4,167.76.

The council approved the purchase of a new data recorder at the water plant. The cost is $3,088.69 with an additional $1,152 for installation.

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