Communication Is Important In Your Healthcare

Quality health care is a team effort. You play an important role. One of the best ways to communicate with your doctor and health care team is by asking questions. Bond County Home Health and Hospice would like to encourage people to check out “Questions Are the Answer.” It is a new ongoing public education initiative that stresses the importance of two-way communication to help make medical appointments more efficient and to help ensure accurate diagnoses from Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AQRH).

Because time is limited during medical appointments, Bond County Home Health and Hospice would like to encourage everyone to learn the importance of asking questions about your health care. Michelle Miller, Hospice Director says “Having worked in close proximity with doctors and other medical professionals, I’ve seen the importance communication plays between the doctor, the patient and the caregiver.” Patients and families who engage with health care providers ask good questions and help reduce the chance of mistakes, tests that are not needed, and avoidable hospital stays.” The education offered from AQRH is an array of two-minute video messages by a dozen real-life patients, caregivers and clinicians. It shows that it is OK to ask your doctor questions.

Watch patients such as Christina Cyphers discuss how asking questions about her medicines helped her get the correct diagnosis and feel better. Ramona Seidel, M.D. explains how a simple question such as “Is it OK to take this over-the-counter medicine?” can save one’s life. Jamie Derrick, Home Health Director says “Talking with your doctor builds trust and leads to better outcomes and satisfaction. That starts with the patient or the patient’s caregiver asking questions”

Bond County Home Health and Hospice believes communication should be a three-way process, where the caregiver can be seen as a team member in one’s medical treatment rather than an outsider. The caregiver is often the bridge between the patient and the healthcare system. Furthermore, the caregiver has perspectives of the illness that the patient often never realizes. These details can help doctors and professionals fill in the critical gaps for the care of the patient. Learn what you can do to promote safer care and better health outcomes by watching the videos at

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