McCarter Confirmed As Ambassador To Kenya

23 people were confirmed to U.S. Ambassador positions on Wednesday. Among them was former State Senator Kyle McCarter, who was confirmed as U.S. Ambassador to Kenya.

McCarter served as a state senator since 2009 when he succeeded Frank Watson, of Greenville. McCarter chose not to seek reelection in 2018 and his seat will now be filled by Republican Jason Plummer.

McCarter and his wife, Victoria, have worked for over 30 years in Kenya. They founded a charity there called “Each One Feed One”. The organization worked with an elementary school for children K-8 and provides assistance for abandoned, abused, and orphaned children. The group also provides a medical clinic, baby immunizations, and well-baby education.

In May of 2017, all of the Republican members of Illinois’ congressional delegation signed a letter to President Trump recommending McCarter for the ambassador position. You can view the letter below…

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