More From Recent City Council Meeting

Now that the City of Greenville and Bond County have signed a new agreement for animal control, the city has begun catching up on payments it owes to the county.

At last week’s city council meeting, the 2016-17 bill of $9,826.98 was paid.

City Manager Dave Willey said going forward the payment will be made every month.

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Mayor Alan Gaffner said the lull in payments occurred while the city and county were in discussions about various options for a possible new animal control facility. A new center is not being built.

After the 2018 payment is made, the city will pay monthly. In the contract, expenses by both parties and animal control revenue are taken into account and what remains is split 50-50.

A discussion was renewed by the council about a request to increase the water deposit fee for rental properties. The request was made by the 2 Creeks development which believes the $100 deposit is not high enough, in many cases to pay the final bill when the renter leaves.

Two representatives from 2 Creeks and two realtors were at the January meeting and participated in the lengthy discussion.

City Manager Willey has recommended no changes be made. He said a letter was received from the Ministerial Alliance stating increasing the deposit when someone is trying to move into a residence makes it tougher to move in.

In the end, Mayor Gaffner and the councilmen agreed to delay any action and revisit the topic in February.

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