More Winter Wonderland Photos

Al and Emily Moore shared this photo of Sandrine Umuhosa, a Greenville University student from Rwanda, who made her very first snowman over the weekend.

WGEL listeners continue to submit their Winter Wonderland photos from over the weekend. If you’d like to share any, email or text us at 618-664-3300 on the Bradford National Bank text line.

Our old friend Matt Willman likes to send us winter weather pics from his home in Florida. He shared this Monday: “Hello WGEL,
I enjoyed seeing the article in the Daily of the snow men and animals, although seeing that reminds me how much I love living in the FL Keys. So, upon the suggestion to share winter weather pics, I thought I’d do so.
Yesterday, former Greenville residents Lee & Jaimie O’Connor (visiting this week) and myself also went outside to embrace the Florida winter weather by doing some Stand Up Paddle Boarding. The water was a frigid 76 degrees while the air temp was in the low 80’s – yes this is WINTER WEATHER!
Attached is our photo, of a large starfish.”

Susan Hoxseys submitted this photo of “Scary Gary” the Snowman
Eli and Isaac Sears with their snowman
Kim Eakle shared this photo of her a snowman made by her granddaughter, Evie Eakle. She made this miniature snowman with toothpick arms and its living in grandma’s freezer now!
Ward Sussenbach shared this beautiful shot near his home west of town.
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