Mulberry Grove Board Of Education Approves Issue Of Bonds

The Mulberry Grove Board of Education met Tuesday, January 22 and received a report from Pat McCree, representing First Midstate Investment Bankers in Bloomington. Mr. McCree explained the current situation with a district working cash fund loan which should have a portion of the loan abated and the possible sale of taxable general obligation school bonds. Following his presentation, board members approved a $20,000.00 abatement from working cash to the transportation fund. They also approved the issuance of $200,000.00 in school bonds to increase the working cash fund of the district.

Board members approved renewal of the IPA model handbook, the joint agreement with the OKAW Vocational Center in Vandalia, and the purchase of a new geothermal HVAC pump. They also approved Rebecca Oldham assistant coach for fifth and sixth grade basketball.

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