Snow Causes A Flurry Of Activity For City Crews

When a big snow storm arrives, most people are concerned about whether or not they can safely travel.

After the snow hits . . . that’s when the hard-working city, county and state crews come in to do their work.

Greenville Public Works Superintendent Bill Grider said he develops an action plan when snow is predicted. Equipment is prepared and crews are established to work 12-hour shifts.

In Greenville, the mayor can declare a snow emergency when the forecast calls for two or more inches of snow. That was the case over the past weekend.

When the emergency is declared, persons are prohibited from having vehicles along the designated snow routes. This is done to allow crews to easily move snow from major streets.

Grider is pleased most citizens complied during this last storm. He said only a few cars were still parked on the emergency routes.

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Clearing snow from streets is just part of the work done by crews. Grider said there is a lot of post-storm work. He said crews work hard moving snow around, which is hard on equipment, so there is maintenance to take care of as well. Snow is cleared from the downtown areas and parking lots and stockpiled during the storm. It is then hauled to a vacant property to melt.

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Grider is monitoring the weather forecast for the next approaching winter storm.

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