Special Service District Ambulance Charges

The Bond County Board met in regular session recently. Following the open portion of that meeting, a Bond County Special Service District meeting was called.

Craig Smith of American Response Vehicle was present. The company had recently sold an ambulance to the district for use by Bond County EMS at HSHS Holy Family Hospital.

Following the sale of the ambulance, the Special Service District received two additional invoices; one for just under $6,000, the other for just over $460.

Smith explained that upon delivering the new ambulance, HSHS Holy Family Hospital requested several upgrades to equipment on the vehicle. He said he was told necessary approval had been obtained for the additional purchase.

Board Chairman Howard Elmore told WGEL the district was unaware of the upgrades and had not authorized any purchase beyond the new ambulance.

The additions included a backup camera, a patient compartment camera, auto eject of the plug-in when the ambulance is parked in the hospital bay, additional IV hooks and the addition of blue ambulance lights to the existing red lights. Smith said the additions were all good for patient safety, but none of them were requirements.

The board took no action on the matter. Elmore told WGEL a letter has been sent to HSHS Holy Family Hospital to hopefully determine where the miscommunication occurred and how it can be prevented in the future.

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