Bond County School Board Candidates

In addition to Bond County school districts 1 and 2, there are several other districts which have property in Bond County.

Candidates have file petitions for the April 2 election.

State law allows only three persons from any one township to be on a school board.

In Bond County Unit 2, the names of two candidates will be on the ballot, incumbents Randi Workman and Nathan Prater. There is one other position to fill and two men have filed as write-in candidates. They are Joe Blumer and Brian Zeeb. Zeeb was recently appointed to the school board.

In Mulberry Grove Unit 1, five persons are seeking one of three open positions and any of them can be elected.

The candidates are Brooke Earnest, Melody Helmkamp, Nathan Mollett, Kevin Wagoner and Jamie Epperson.

Mollett and Earnest are currently on the board.

For the Kaskaskia College Board, two, six-year seats are open and the incumbents are running. They are Linda Stover and Bill Hawley.

In the Carlyle Unit 1 District, six residents are on the ballot for four, four-year terms. Any of them can be elected. Candidates include Laura Jansen, Jason Brinkman, Dennis Perez, Keith Alexander, Aaron Heinzmann and Terry Kampwerth.

In Breese District 12, three candidates are running and there are four openings. Since all three are from Breese Township, and there is a Breese Township resident who will remain on the board, by law, only two of the three candidates can be elected.

Names on the ballot will be Ahren Langhauser, Koreen Voss and Brad Niemeyer.

In Central High School District 71, three four-year positions are to filled. Candidates from the incorporated area are Tim Richter and Mike Nettemeier. There are no candidates from the unincorporated area.

In Highland School District 5, there are three openings and two candidates, Robert E. Miller and Joe Mott.

Hillsboro District 3 has four, four-year terms that will be filled by voters. Six candidates will be on the ballot. From Hillsboro Township, there are three candidates, but only two can be elected. Running are Barbara Adams, Craig Scroggins and Ed Ervin.

Candidates from Irving Township are Dan Tester and Matthew Lentz and Bryce Rupert is from Butler Grove Township.

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