City Looking Into New Water Plant


The City of Greenville has taken a step toward the building of a new water plant.

At its meeting Tuesday night, the city council approved a motion to hire the engineering firm of Milano and Grunloh for the proposed project. The action does not commit the council to having a new plant.

City Manager Dave Willey reminded councilmen the current plant is 51 years old and while it continues to produce quality water, a new plant would be more efficient.

The estimated construction cost is $16,870,000.

During a lengthy discussion, which included a presentation by Lee Beckman of Milano and Grunloh, City Manager Willey talked about funding. He said by construction time, the city should have around $5 million in cash, $1 to 3 million in grants could be available, and the city could obtain a loan.

He addressed additional funding and water rates, noting that some debt will expire in 2020, just before the new debt would begin. He expects new water users coming online would produce enough revenue to possibly break even. He expects any increase to be a typical percentage and not a significant amount.

Click below to hear his comments:

The engineering costs will be $910,359 for design and $350,000 for construction.

A possible completion date for a new plant, which would be located in the same area as the current one near Governor Bond Lake, is December of 2021.

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