Greenville Occupancy Permit Update


The City of Greenville is still working on the development of an occupancy permit ordinance.

Occupancy permits could be adopted for rental property only or rental and owner-occupied residences. Such a program would allow the city to inspect the inside of a home, when a new individual or family moves in, to make sure the residence is safe.

Greenville officials appear to be focusing on rental property.

At the February city council meeting, City Manager Dave Willey presented an update on the process. He said the council presented a program that would be cost-free and self-inspected. During discussion, there were comments and concerns that the program would not achieve the desired results. Willey said that process was presented because concerns were previously raised that a more formal program had “too many teeth”.

Willey said he has been trying to find middle ground and has been reviewing more standards for a program. He plans to conduct some small-group meetings and at the request of Mayor Alan Gaffner, have another public meeting.

Click below to hear more from the city manager:

A previous story on WGEL reported the Greenville City Council would hold a special council meeting next week.

WGEL learned Tuesday the meeting is now scheduled for Thursday, February 28 at 7 p.m. in the municipal building.

The agenda will include a discussion on the proposal of an occupancy permit program in the city. The council is seeking public comment on the issue.

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