Local Hospitals Collecting Used Hearing Aids


January 24 marked the Feast day of St. Francis de Sales, the Patron Saint of the Deaf. Honored as a saint in the Catholic Church, St. Francis de Sales was known for developing a type of sign language that he could use to teach a deaf man about his religion. In recognition of St. Francis de Sales, HSHS St. Joseph’s Breese and Highland and HSHS Holy Family Greenville is hosting a used hearing aid collection drive.

Through February 28, used hearing aids can be dropped off in designated boxes located in the front lobby of all three local hospitals. The Audiology Department at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Breese and the Rehabilitation Department in Highland are also collection sites.

Used hearing aids collected will be donated to the Illinois Lions Hearing Aid Bank through the local Lions Clubs in Highland and Breese. If individuals have eye glasses that are no longer used, those can also be donated along with used hearing aids. The Lions Hearing Aid Bank reconditions any usable hearing aids and has them available for distribution through local Lions Clubs to individuals that have difficulty covering their costs. Hearing aids that are no longer usable are sold for salvage that helps offset the Hearing Aid Bank’s costs for reconditioning useful units.

Hearing loss, whether permanent or temporary, minor or severe, can lead to social isolation, as well as limit an individual’s ability to work and manage their daily life. With the hearing aids collected and reconditioned, an individual’s sense of hearing can be restored improving their overall quality of life and well-being.

HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital Breese, HSHS Holy Family Hospital in Greenville and HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital Highland are part of the Southern Illinois Division of Hospital Sisters Health System, which also include HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in O’Fallon and HSHS St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital in Effingham.

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