Unit 2 Offering Bus Driver Incentive

Bond County Unit 2 is offering an incentive to become a full-time bus driver.

The board has approved a $1,000 bonus to new hires, $500 at the time of signup and $500 at the completion of 6 months on the job.

There is also a need for substitute drivers in the district.

Superintendent Wes Olson said regional schools participate in a transportation roundtable and all of them say it’s tough to find bus drivers. One suggestion the transportation committee made was to offer a monetary incentive to become drivers.

Olson said the Unit 2 district is committed to maintaining their own fleet because of a higher quality of service and the relationships drivers build with students.

Those interested in driving full time or as a substitute should call Unit 2 Transportation Director Sean Traylor.

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Olson said driving a school bus is not an easy job. He said it requires a certain skillset and a specific schedule. He said there’s a lot of responsibility. Drivers oversee up to 77 kids at a time while operating a vehicle and watching the roads. He said it’s a rewarding job that allows you to get to know kids and their families.

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Transportation Director Sean Traylor can be contacted at 664-4681.

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