Amendments Recommended For County Zoning Ordinance

The Bond County Zoning Board of Appeals is recommending to the Bond County Board that the zoning ordinance be amended.

The amendment pertains to rules, regulations and fees pertaining to personal solar energy systems and solar farm energy systems. The motion was approved 4 to 0 with one member absent.

The county board will consider the recommendation at its March 19 night meeting.

This past Tuesday night, the Zoning Board of Appeals held a public hearing on the topic. Approximately 20 persons attended in addition to county representatives.

The Greenville City Council and other city officials were in attendance. A major part of the discussion focused on a paper of questions and concerns brought up by the city.

The county amendments would not affect the proposed project of a solar energy field in Greenville by Sunpin Solar. The company has an option and lease agreement for the project.

Greenville Mayor Alan Gaffner reported the city heard concerns on the county proposal from Sunpin. He said the city is not urging the county to have a deregulated solar environment or to walk back from those areas that are their jurisdiction. He said he fears that there could be unintended consequences, particularly with commercial developments.

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Board of Appeals member Larry Bingham spoke about the county proposal, noting the fee structure was not intended to deter anyone from coming to the county or installing solar equipment.

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James Tarasuik assured city officials the county want to be a good economic development partner with Greenville.

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County Board Chairman Howard Elmore commended the zoning board, State’s Attorney Dora Mann and Zoning Administrator Ed Doll for their work on the solar guidelines.

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