Bond County Health Department Looking For Participants

Heart disease ranks as one of the leading causes of death for Bond County residents. Bond County health Department wants to help you lower your risk of dying from heart disease. Some risk factors such as age and family history cannot be controlled, but high blood pressure, high cholesterol, unhealth diet, physical inactivity, obesity, alcohol and tobacco use can all be controlled either behaviorally or through medical intervention. The Bond County Health Department is offering a program (not just in February, but all year) to first help you identify your risk factors, then arms you with the knowledge you need to avoid becoming a statistic.

Melody Helmkamp, coordinator of the program reports that currently there are 50 plus participants in the program but there is room for more. Participants in the program will complete a brief questionnaire and then will be seen by a nurse. The nurse will weigh the participant along with checking their blood pressure, drawing blood for a cholesterol check and receive risk factor and diet information. Medical referrals will be given for any abnormal results. Helmkamp wants to stress that this program is FREE to Bond County residents.

Call Bond county health Department at (618)664-1442 to start this FREE heart healthy program.

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