Carlyle Students Create Recipes

The Fab Four Team

Many of us rely on a trusted cookbook recipe when we preparing a meal, especially when guests will be visiting, but Carlyle area teens created a dish completely from scratch in the 4-H contest.

Carlyle High School students were given an assortment of key ingredients the day of the contest and told to prepare a healthy food dish. Each team consisted of three to five high school youth who have been in recent weeks to strengthen their food nutrition and preparation skills.

In addition to the food item, each team gave a short presentation to the panel of judges and answer questions about the dish they created. The final score reflected the team’s comprehensive ratings for the day based on their nutrition knowledge, food preparation skills, food safety skills, and serving size knowledge, as well as the food’s appearance, quality and presentation.

Four of Emily Stille’s classes participated in the Food Challenge, which began on February 25 and wrapped up with the final competition on March 6. A winner from each class was selected, the students gave themselves team names. Winners included: The Chef Boy Ardees, The Boys, The Fab Four, and the Spice Girls. For more information about 4-H programs in Clinton County, please call the Clinton County Extension Office at 618-526-4551.

The Chef Boy Ardees
Spice Girls
The Boys
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