Child & Mother Rescued From Well In Montgomery County

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputies, Witt firefighters, Hillsboro Area Ambulance personnel, Hillsboro Fire & Rescue crews, and ARCH Air Medical Services responded to the 19000 block of Meisenheimer Avenue in Irving Tuesday afternoon, just before 4 PM. A report had been called in regarding a child who had fallen into a well.

Upon arrival, crews found a 3 year old boy and his mother, 24 year old Tiffany Crowder, both in a brick lined water well. The depth of the water in the well was 15 feet and Crowder was holding her son and clinging to an old water pipe in the well.

Crowder told authorities she saw her son fall into the well and she jumped in to save him. The first responders who arrived first had located a ladder and lowered it with an attached rope to the mother and child. Crowder put her son on the ladder and first responders were able to pull him to safety. He immediately received medical attention.

Once the fire department’s equipment arrived, a firefighter was lowered into the well to assist Crowder who was lifted from the well and also received medical attention.

Crowder’s son was transported from the scene via ARCH for additional medical attention.

Montgomery County Sheriff Rick Robbins commended Crowder for her quick action in jumping into the well to save her son.

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