Community Weighs In On Occupancy Permits

Approximately 25 persons attended a special Greenville City Council meeting last Thursday to address the topic of occupancy permits.

Councilmen heard comments from landlords and others for and against an occupancy permit ordinance.

The council has been looking at the possibility of occupancy permits for rental property in Greenville. The goal of such permits would be to make sure renters are living in safe homes.

At the end of the nearly three-hour session, Mayor Alan Gaffner said it is apparent how difficult the decision is for the council when you have landlords that are as far apart on the issue as you can be.

Gaffner said he anticipates the council would have an opportunity to make a decision before early April. He urged residents, landlords, and realtors to contact the council with any additional thoughts over the next few weeks.

Click below to hear more from the mayor:

At the start of the meeting, City Attorney Patrick Schaufelberger stated his legal opinion that the city would have no liability issues with or without an ordinance.

The City of Greenville website, which has the e-mail addresses of the councilmen, can be accessed at

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