FNB Jeans For Charity Surpasses Big Mark

Who would have guessed wearing jeans to work on Fridays could have such an impact? Since its inception in November 2012, The First National Bank’s Jeans for Charity program has collected money each month for a charitable organization or worthwhile cause in the communities that have an FNB branch. This month, Jeans for Charity will surpass the $50,000 mark in total giving. The recipient of that landmark check is the Village of Patoka’s park department for the purchase of new benches, trash cans, flower pots, and tables.

Abby Rogers, FNB junior trust officer, coordinates Jeans for Charity, a role she cherishes. “It has such a huge impact on the groups, organizations, and individuals we have helped so far. We have been able to touch people in the greatest way possible. We’ve seen many people in tears during check presentations and others who are so grateful they can’t find the words at that moment.”

The First National Bank’s president, Mike Radliff, expressed his pride in the mark reached by the employees. “How truly amazing that a group of people working at the same bank would sacrifice $10.00 of their own money each month to care for people in need in their communities. To reach $50,000 in total donations to date is both humbling and inspiring – they are Hometown People demonstrating Hometown Spirit.”

Rogers said this is a big accomplishment for her co-workers. “It’s such a cool thing to be able to say we, as employees of FNB, have given $50,000 back to our communities over the last six years. I can’t wait to see how much more we can donate over the next several years.”

To commemorate the milestone, FNB employees will be wearing special Jeans for Charity t-shirts on Fridays in March beginning March 8. Jeans for Charity Day at FNB has been designated on March 29 and will include refreshments for customers.

The donation to the Village of Patoka for $760 brings the Jeans for Charity six-year total to $50,670.50.

The First National Bank was founded in 1865 and has locations in Vandalia, Ramsey, Patoka, Mulberry Grove and Greenville.

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