Funding Approved For Hearse Show

The Greenville Tourism Committee has approved funding for a hearse show to be held this year.

The committee members voted unanimously to provide $500 to promote the event.

Annette Wright, organizer of the show which named Hearses of Hades, has scheduled the show for Saturday, October 5, the same date as Apple Day in downtown Greenville. She said it is similar to a car show, but with hearses and flower cars.

Greenville City Manager Dave Willey told the committee, it depends how many vehicles are in the show, but the city parking lot near South and Second streets could be used.

Wright said she is expecting over a dozen vehicles in addition to vendors and live models dressed for the event.

When questioned about the show’s name, Wright said it follows Greek mythology.

A show was held in Sorento last fall, but there were only four vehicles. Wright, who also lives in Sorento, said she wanted a larger venue for the event.

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