Heroin Program At GHS


Approximately 100 people attended a program at Greenville High School Tuesday evening which included a showing of the film, “The Heroin Project”.

A panel of experts, ranging from law enforcement officers to those who work with drug addicts, responded to questions from the audience.

Those attending were aware Bond County. Like all other areas, has a drug problem. Sheriff Jim Leitschuh and State’s Attorney Dora Mann talked about the current situation. They said sometimes there is a bigger problem with heroin and sometimes meth use is more prevalent.

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Coroner Anthony Brooks said there were five overdose deaths in the county the past year and they continue to rise.

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It was emphasized that people should not place their prescription drugs where others can get them. Mann said this is a big problem.

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Local EMT Max Evans believes more can be done to reach children. He said healthcare providers need to be in the schools, educating students.

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A question was asked at what age children should be warned about drugs. Mann responded. She said it is shocking how much kids know and how early they start abusing drugs. She said the younger the better when it comes to educating children.

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Expired or unwanted prescription drugs can be taken to the lobby of the Greenville Police Department, and placed in a collection box.

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